Week 50 – Flash Photography, You Must Use a Flash!

This week’s LensProtoGo theme for the 52 Week Project was “Flash Photography, You Must Use a Flash!” which is something that is not daunting to me. Once I learned how to properly use one, I just can’t seem to stop using it. Flash can really enhance a photo, dramatize the scene or even properly light it…and then you can always have your subject in focus with correct exposure without having to take your ISO up so high that everything gets grainy. Also the discovery of softboxes have changed my life when it comes to using a flash for photos. And I cannot sing Nikon’s praises enough that they have a built-in wireless control for remote flashes with¬†separate¬†groups and everything. No slaves required!

And I have already used flash in so many of my photos for this project. So I tried to think of a creative way to use my flash. So I decided to bounce the flash (mounted on a stand) off the back wall and put the subject in front to create a soft glow and hard lit edge. I ended up using my self, and put the camera on the tripod and used the self timer. I really loved the result.


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