Week 47 – Feeling Nostalgic

This week’s theme for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project was “feeling nostalgic”. I thought of my storage room in my house, filled with bins of stuff from my childhood that I just can’t seem to let go of. And I was thinking of all the things that might make for a good photograph. And then I thought of my hundreds of ribbons and medals from swimming and figure skating competitions. There are A LOT. One day I’ll figure out some cool way to display them.

So I spread them all over the kitchen table, got out the Cheetah softbox with my SB-600 high up, got out the ladder and took some shots. I love the sheen on the ribbons and the vibrancy of the colors. Every time I get these ribbons out I go back to days where every Saturday was a meet or a competition, how I got up at 5 am in my ELEMENTARY school days to go to ice skating practice…

sam stone week 47 feeling nostalgic photo photography

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