The Neon Boneyard!

During my trip Las Vegas for the 2016 AIGA Design Conference, I got to go to the Neon Boneyard (actually called the Neon Museum) and I was SO excited! I’ve wanted to go every since I found out the place existed! Both as a designer for the type, and as a photographer for the setting.

What was special and unique about this particular event I attended (put on by the AIGA Las Vegas chapter), was that we got to go on a special night tour! Typically it’s closed at night and you can only visit during the day.

The only downer, is that it’s very strict there, and you must stay with your tour and guide. Our guide was excellent, and gave us a great history lesson (don’t remember her name), but I really wanted to hang back and take more pics. But something about a two guys, falling, into signs and crumbling them (they’re so sensitive from constant sun exposure). It really was like being in elementary school on a field trip haha. So maybe if you really want to be alone, you should book a private event/photoshoot.

And after the boneyard we got to go to wine & type pairing at Buchon Bakery at the Venetian (which is so gaudy, gilded and fake—it’s magical). Where we literally drank wine and paired serif typefaces and sans serif typefaces. I met some cool people, we over-achieved by pairing all the typefaces (apparently you’re only supposed to do 3, we got some serious side-eye for over-achieving), a cockroach stalked our table, and there were some bangin’ fries.

So go to the Boneyard! It’s such a unique experience, and chance to get to see some of old Vegas and signs from old casinos that are only still alive in your favorite movies about Vegas.

And now for the pics! Mix of iPhone & Nikon D90img_1695 img_1696 img_1697 img_1699 img_1701 img_1703 img_1708 img_1712

To children, I am sorry. But I couldn’t help myself…(and no, it wasn’t a sign that said “hoe”, Horseshoe)

img_1715 img_1719

And my immaturity struck again!! (Sassy Sally)

img_1725 img_1729 img_1733 img_1732 img_1736 neonboneyard-18 neonboneyard-29 neonboneyard-36 neonboneyard-32 neonboneyard-35 neonboneyard-14

neonboneyard-2 neonboneyard-10 neonboneyard-38 neonboneyard-39