Another One Down

Sadly, I didn’t place in the Magnolia Garden Photo Contest again. Wah wah. BUT I got some really great pics that I will personally enjoy. Below are the ones I felt were the favorites for actually entering into the contest and I have a ton more that I just really like. I am really into that peacock. I started shooting super … Read More

Week 46 – Symmetry

This week’s theme for LensProtoGo 52 Week Project is “symmetry”. While walking around downtown Charleston, I looked for symmetry, which in architecture, is seemingly everywhere. I found a great example of symmetry at the historic Laurens-Rutledge house on Broad Street in Charleston, SC. I made it black and white to simplify the lines.   

Week 45 – Black & White Portrait

This week’s theme for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project was “Black & White Portrait”. I had the awesome opportunity to shoot a wedding with my friend Kim Bistromowitz photo company, Bistro & Co. at Middleton Place here in Charleston. Just a gorgeous old plantation to have a wedding. Simply put, this was one of my favorite shot of the groomsmen. I … Read More

Week 42 – Antique

This wee’s theme for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project was “Antique”. There is definitely an abundance of “antique” in Charleston. So I figured I’d just walk around downtown one day after work and wait for something to strike me. I tried taking some pics of antiques/antique shops, but then I remembered a painting on the side of a building that I … Read More

Week 43 – Brown

This week’s theme from LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project was “brown”. On my venture last week around downtown I found some beautiful brown doors, perfect for this theme. I love the richness of the doors and the abundance of textures and colors in this photo. And super happy to report that this photo was chosen for the best of the week … Read More

Week 28 – Texture

This week’s LensProtoGo 52 Week Project theme was “texture”. I didn’t have a clear plan for this one, but my husband and I we were walking around downtown Charleston during the Second Sunday (a day where they close King St. to traffic and let people walk in the road and the restaurants become outdoor cafes, definitely check it out if … Read More

Week 27 – Reflections

This week’s theme from LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project was “Reflections”. I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot the Cooper River Bridge here in Charleston. I went for a more subtle reflection this week. I really like the softness of the reflection because the water was really moving and there was a lot of wind, and it made for a … Read More

Week 26 – Yellow

This week’s LensProtoGo 52 Week Project theme was “yellow”. My original idea was to shoot this old yellow Chevy truck that one of my neighbors has parked in his driveway…but I don’t know him. So I decided that I would do something cool with lemons. At first I was shooting the lemons, and then I cut a lemon slice and … Read More

Week 14 – Think Small

Another shot for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week contest. This week’s theme was “Think Small”, and I had the idea instead of taking a pic of something that was actually small, I make something big look small. I have always loved pictures that use a tilt-shift lens to create a miniature effect. So I went to downtown Charleston, got on a parking garage and … Read More

Week 13 – New Beginnings

Another shot for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week contest. I always am trying to think outside of what’s going to be the typical answer to the themes. I figured that there would lots of flowers and baby pictures for the theme, and I thought of new beginnings as more a phrase…like where or how does someone get a new beginning. And that … Read More