Canal Convergence 2017

Last night, Kevin, baby Gabe, my sister Mina, and I all went to Scottsdale to check out Canal Convergence Water + Art + Light. Very cool, and definitely recommend locals check it out. But it is only up for a weekend! I’m a huge fan of light installations and this event is mostly focused on them (there are some dancers, mural artists, live music, etc as well). A lot of the installations were interactive—plenty to touch and feel, and there were even see-saws that played a note each time they went down. All the works were stunning and it was gorgeous and fun to take it all in! Definitely family and baby/stroller friendly, as well as being great for all ages (beer and wine garden!). Very walkable, as there was easy walking along the paved canal. Took lots of pics!

This little cutie was into the moonflowers