Week 21 – Fridge

This week’s theme for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project was “Fridge”. Which I won’t lie to you. I actually straightened up my fridge before taking the pic. That’s the right thing to do, right? I ended up setting up my tripod and just going for the creepy night look with an unsaturated blue. I could probably use some more veggies in … Read More

Week 20 – Jump

For this week’s LensProtoGo 52 Week Project theme of “Jump” I went straight to ridiculous. I get these ideas in my head, that I have to at least try before I push them away. I could not get Van Halen’s “Jump” out of my head as soon as I saw this week’s theme. And I am a huge fan of 80s … Read More

Week 19 – Shoes

This week I actually submitted my photo a little late for the LensProtoGo 52 Week Project, but for good reason! My sister, Allie Stone graduated from SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)! So proud of her— it was a beautiful graduation in Millenium Park. I thought that it would be a great juxtaposition to have my husband’s “work shoes” (military … Read More

Week 18 – Shadows

This week’s theme was “Shadows” for the LensProtoGo 52 Week Project. It was a challenge to think of what would make some great shadows, just because there are SO many possibilites. I spent the morning just shooting our brand new puppy, Kona, that we rescued from the New Beginnings German Shepherd Rescue . She is precious and has been a great … Read More

Week 17 – Coffee

This week’s theme was “coffee”, which let me tell you, is the reason I still exist. Somewhere along the way in my college years I developed this habit of drinking a cup a morning. And then something happened when I got my first salary job that it became a two-cup-a-morning habit. Delicious and dreadfully co-dependent at the same time. This … Read More

Week 15 – Paper Airplane

This is another shot for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week contest. This week’s theme was “Paper Airplane”. So I sat in my living room, youtube’d how to make a good paper airplane (I kinda forgot how, and  mine have never been very good—don’t judge!) and started folding away. Then I made my husband throw them in the air multiple times while I … Read More

Week 14 – Think Small

Another shot for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week contest. This week’s theme was “Think Small”, and I had the idea instead of taking a pic of something that was actually small, I make something big look small. I have always loved pictures that use a tilt-shift lens to create a miniature effect. So I went to downtown Charleston, got on a parking garage and … Read More

Week 13 – New Beginnings

Another shot for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week contest. I always am trying to think outside of what’s going to be the typical answer to the themes. I figured that there would lots of flowers and baby pictures for the theme, and I thought of new beginnings as more a phrase…like where or how does someone get a new beginning. And that … Read More

So I started a 52 Week photo project…

To keep my creative juices flowing—and the camera in my hand—I decided to participate in Lens Pro to Go’s 52 Week Photo Project. Each week everyone posts a photo in the Flickr group based on the theme that Lens Pro to Go decides on. The first week of January was “A Self Portrait Without You In it”. I gathered as much stuff that … Read More