Week 12 – On a Shelf

Another shot for LensProToGo’s 52 Week contest. This week I enjoyed because well, there’s only one set of shelves in my house and we’re trying to fill it with cool items collected from our travels. This is a tin star for Old Town San Diego that I love. My husband and I got on our trip to San Diego for … Read More

Week 11 – My Lucky Something

Definitely struggled this week. I’m not going to lie, pretty disappointed with the results. But since I’m not going to leave a week out, I will post this anyway! I also struggled this week with this concept since I’m not superstitious. But 67 has been my number of choice since I won bingo on it back in middle school. Every sports jersey … Read More

Week 10 – Looking Up

Week 10 on LensProtoGo’s 52 Week Project is “Looking Up”— And in a city where everything is under three stories, I was really scratching my head and what to do. So today I walked with my hubby in downtown Charleston and found some really cool spots, and was super impressed by how beautiful Urban Outfitters on King Street is inside. … Read More

Week 9 – Abstract

For this week’s LensProtoGo project the theme was Abstract. And I cheated just a little bit. I used some “mess-ups” from the Week 8 – Light theme. I have one janky tripod, and it does not support the weight of my Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8. So it was a little challenging to shoot the light pictures. A new tripod is definitely on … Read More

Week 8 – Laughter

And another post for LensProtoGo’s 52 Week project, Week 8 is “Laughter”. Having very few friends yet down here in Charleston, and no children I was really stretched on what to do for this week’s theme. So much to my husband’s dismay, he was once again my model. And I love his smile and his laugh. I really like the … Read More

Week 7 – Light

Lens Pro to Go’s 52 Week Project theme is Light for this week. I’ve decided that I really want to take some of my weekend days and go shoot around Charleston, especially since it’s one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. Last night, my supportive, loving husband went out with me and played photography assistant as I shot … Read More

Week 6 – “Movie/Song Title”

And here’s my photo for LensProtoGo’s flickr group 52 Week Photo Project, a “Movie/Song Title”. And obviously I just had to go for Top Gun. Hands down, favorite movie of all time. I actually do have photos of fighter jets taking off the CVN 77 flight deck, but I really want to keep in the spirit of going out and … Read More

Week 5 – “I left my heart in…”

So this week’s LensProtoGo flickr assignment was your favorite place—where you left your heart. And that was a little hard to narrow down for me, since I started dating my hubby in Charleston, I was born and raised in Maryland, but my immediate family now lives in California. And we were allowed to use old photos since obviously most people … Read More

Week 4 – Self Portrait

So this week’s assignment for Lens Pro to Go’s 52 week project was “Self Portrait”. And we were encouraged to “get creative!”. And I decided that what better way to accomplish that than to show both of my selves—curly haired and wild vs. straightened and with my face on. So with a little coffee and a straightener, I tame that … Read More

Week 3 – Your Favorite Thing

So this week’s Lens Pro to Go assignment was “Your Favorite Thing”. Now that my husband is home from deployment, I can use him as my model again (he seems thrilled). Anyway, the point is, Kevin’s my favorite thing! Honestly there’s no object that I could buy with money, that matters to me more than my husband. He is most … Read More